Rabbie Burns

Tour Highlights
Pick up from location
Alloway, Rabbie Burns Birthplace and Museum
Maybole and Turnberry
Culzean Castle (Summer months only)
Dunure and Harbour
Ayr and Troon
Drop off at location

Who hasn’t sung Auld Lang Syne on Hogmanay (New Year) or heard of Brig O Doon. No trip to Scotland would be complete without seeing the birthplace and home of one of the world’s most famous Scots. From the United States to Russia Rabbie Burns also known as Robert is Scotland’s foremost national poet.

Burns wrote in Scots about the experiences of the common man, love, life and death. As such his works still hold universal appeal today over 200 years since his death. Journey to the town of Alloway and Burns Cottage and Museum. Walk across the Brig O Doon next to the beautiful Burns Memorial Gardens which celebrate this true genius. Burn’s image features on the front of Clydesdale Bank £10 notes.

 Maybole was where Rabbie Burn’s mother, Agnes, lived. Turnberry is home to the world famous golf course of the same name.

 A Robert Adam masterpiece is the oval staircase within Culzean Castle which stands on the cliff tops overlooking the Firth Clyde. The castle was given to the newly formed National Trust for Scotland in 1945 with a proviso that General Eisenhower, later President Eisenhower be allowed to stay there at will. The President stayed at Culzean four times and famously said it was the only place where he could relax.

The well preserved 18th Century harbour at Dunure was featured in Outlander as was the castle, now a ruin.

Enjoy an ice cream on the beaches of Ayr or Troon where Glaswegians would traditionally holiday during “the Glasgow Fair”. See the Isle of Arran on the horizon. For Outlander fans, the beaches of Troon featured as the departure point for France for Jamie and Claire.

 This is a full day tour with lunch at a variety of locations in Alloway or Ayr. Please note that Culzean Castle is closed from November to March. Contact us for more information.