Tour 2 Highlights
Pick up from location
Glasgow Cathedral (L’Hopital Des Agnes)
Dowanhill Street (Where Claire, Frank and Brianna live in Boston)
Pollok Country Park (Surroundings of Castle Leoch and France)
Kelvingrove Park (Boston)
Glasgow University (Harvard University)
Drop off at location

Glasgow Cathedral became L’Hopital Des Agnes in Paris where Claire practised her healing skills and mourned the loss of Faith Fraser.

Dowanhill Street was the Boston street where Claire, Frank and Brianna lived.

John Street behind George Square is where Frank spontaneously proposed to Claire.

Pollok Country Park was used as the lands surrounding Castle Leoch and the French countryside between Le Havre and Paris. It is also where Jamie and Black Jack Randall duel. There are Highland Cattle in the park as well as Pollok House.

Kelvingrove Park surrounding the world famous Kelvingrove Museum became Boston Park where Claire frequently takes walks during her new life in post-World War Two America.

Glasgow University was used to portray Harvard University where Frank lectured.

This is a full day tour. Lunch can be taken at a variety of locations in the city. Contact us for more information.