So, you’re an Outlander fan and who wouldn’t be. An incredible, passionate love story between two fictional characters set against real historic events and personalities. The joys and heartaches that Jamie and Claire endure draw romantics into their world and hold you there. As you might have guessed we are huge fans of the show ourselves. The show has helped many Scots discover a part of their history that was for centuries largely ignored and not taught at school.

Many of the locations used by the Outlander producers in Scotland are real places and not a film studio. They cover the length and breadth of the country. At Scottish Classic Tours we have grouped the most popular and iconic locations into four distinct one day tours. Please click below to take you to each page and immerse yourself into Jamie and Claire’s world.

Edinburgh Castles Tour 1
Glasgow Tour 2
Towns and Villages Tour 3
Highland Life Tour 4
Other Locations Tour 5

We can also make your own bespoke one day or multi day Outlander tour if required combining a mixture of locations included above with those listed in our Outlander Other Locations section so that you can see whichever you want.

Why not enjoy some of the most iconic Scottish locations in a vintage Volkswagen Campervan or a luxury classic Rover, the make of car used by Claire in the 1940’s and 1960’s? Contact us for more information.